March 8 Homework and Classwork

Homework: DDR pg 69 Question 2


These are the 10 videos and the sources are all from youtube. These videos did inspire me to do social experiments to test people’s reactions.

  1. Are people more giving towards homeless males or homeless females?
  2. Hugging for 10 seconds and hugging for 20 seconds, would there be a difference in intimacy?
  3. Are people more likely to speak up in the city or in the suburban areas?
  4. Are men more likely to speak up or women?
  5. What do people first look at when they see a stranger?
  6. How can a person create intimate feelings with another?
  7. Does hugging your partner often increase happiness in a relationship?
March 8 Homework and Classwork

Class Exercise: DDR Question 4 pg 72

I am in a local park and observing the children’s interaction at the playground. The boys’ behavior seem to be more aggressive than the girls’. They run around a lot more and push each other to climb up the ladder. I compared these behaviors because it was the most noticeable. The girls are usually slowly climbing up the ladders and sliding down. Some girls would try to play with the boys. Boys tend to group together.

Smile: When a person’s two corners of their mouth move upward and it looks like a facing upward parabola. The eyes squint a bit more when smiling too.

The number of times one kid was smiling was 5 times. He smiled for a long time each time. The time period between each smile was short.

The number of times a second kid was smiling was 4 times. She smiled for a long time too. The time period between each smile was short too.

The numbers were slightly different between the two children.

My friend thought the third child was smiling 6 times and I thought he was smiling 3 times.