April 26 Classwork

April 26th Classwork


The poster that I chose is “Stress is inversely associated with resting-state functional connectivity between the amygdala and the anterior cingulate in trauma-exposed women” (the poster directly right above these words). That is the question of this poster.

The title is clear and it does reflect the theme of the poster. In a room full of 200 posters, I do not think people would still see or find this poster because it is not colorful. It is in black and white. It will not pop out nor stand out among the other posters. I would add some color to graph. I would not use a white background but a bright color.

I find the words hard to read from a distance of 5 feet. There should be more spacing between each line and the words could be bigger.

The scatter plot was confusing to me. I read the caption but it did not help me understand what the scatter plot meant.

As I was reading the poster, there were many terms that I did not understand. I wish they could make it more simple for people with less knowledge on this subject.

I wished to know which type of scans did they use on the brain. It does not look like a PET, MRI, nor CAT scan.

This poster is very neat and organized. The heading was clearly identified for each section.  This poster also did not raise my interest in the subject more because it seemed dull and not very eye catching.



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