March 15 Homework and Classwork

DDR pg 35 Question 4

pg 34


If I was suspected that data fraud was being perpetrated on a project I was involved in, I would stop and tell my group mates. I would want to know if they know already or is this a discovery only I just made. A project involves everyone so I believe everyone should have a say what happens to it. I want everyone to be on the same page as me. I would want to see how much is being made up and ask the person that made it up, why did they make it up? How does making the data up help with our society? I understand only significant results get published and we don’t want the project to produce insignificant results. We can’t be bias and swayed by our own personal feelings.

Scientists who fabricate data should have to use their own salary to redo the whole experiment. They have wasted so much resources but they should be allowed to restart it. They could be doing something really important and life changing. They should also be prohibited to publish any artwork for a certain time period after this one is complete. That will make other scientists hesitate to fabricate data in the future.


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