March 15 Homework and Classwork

DDR pg 157-158 Exercise 1 &2

Pg 157-158

#1) Write a letter to a journal editor:


Dear Dr. Sam:

Hello. How are you? I hope you can find time to help us review the manuscript of “Adult Preferences in Children’s Books”. I believe your expertise in this area would make an ideal journal editor for this paper. The abstract for this paper will appear in the end of this letter.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you can edit the paper. Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this for us. We greatly appreciate the comments you make and edit our paper accordingly.

If you are unable to review this paper, we would appreciate if you could suggest this paper to other colleagues or co-workers. Anyone that may be able to give us important evaluations of our paper.

Thank you again.


Finding the appropriate book for a child is important for his or her development. Reading literature can help a child learn many things such as language and the real world. In our study, we tested 80 adult participants to see if there were any significant preference of one book cover over the others. The book covers were the same size, author, and reading level. The participants filled out surveys after looking at the book covers and ranked their preference from 1 to 4 (i.e., from greatest to least: their favorite book cover is ranked 1 to their least favorite book cover which is ranked 4). The results, based on a chi-square goodness-of-fit test, determined that the four book covers were equally preferred. This shows that there is no significant preference of one book cover over the other.


Lai Chung


Dear author of this paper,

There are certain sentences where you were not specific as to what “this” is. You are missing some commas after words. For this paper, you need to use active language instead of passive. It makes the sentence more definitive and strong. An APA paper should be written using active sentences than passive. I have indicated areas that are awkward and misleading.

You need to indicate the measurement. You can not just write 7 x 5. That could be 7 by 5 inches, or 7 by 5 centimeters. The units to the measurements are important too. Please also follow the APA book as to how to include those units in the paper.

Overall, this paper is very strong. You have the correct headlines and the graph looks accurate. For the appendix, you must have “Appendix A” as the heading. Everything else are just minor mistakes. This is a great start to a paper. A few more edits is all it takes to make this an even stronger research paper.

I hope you have found these comments to be useful and will take them into account when editing it.

This was a privilege of mine to edit your paper. Have a great day.


Lai Chung


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