Feb 22 Homework and Classwork

DDR pg 119-121, Exercise 1 & 4


My plan for titling and dating my files depends on my study. For lab 1, I will collect my data all in one day. So, I will just state one date. The title for my study will be Adults’ Preferences in Children’s Book Covers. This is because we are collecting data on adults’ preferences among 4 children’s book covers. This title summarizes my study.

10 years from now, people will understand my codes. In this study, I will be presenting a graph that clearly indicates the amount of participants that chose each book cover. Even in the future, it will be clear to them because the bar graph will provide a clear visual presentation for them.


By crawling on my hands and knees for 5 minutes, I realized how much pressure it puts on my joints. I see the floor more than anything. It is difficult to raise my head often to see what is in front of me. I discover that it is very tiring. Everything looks tall from the ground and also far away from me.


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