Feb 8 Classwork and Homework

DDR pg 54

  1. http://www.lanl.gov/index.php

Los Alamos National Laboratory works on the safety and dependency of nuclear restraint. They have environmental cleanup, sustainability, and protection programs. They aim to protect the nation and world stability through scientific research.

2. http://www.eso.org/public/about-eso/esoglance/

The European Southern Observatory (HQ in Germany) is a 16 nation intergovernmental research group that study astronomy. They get thousands of proposals to use their amazing telescopes. These telescopes help enable important discoveries. Researchers have found black holes, eco planets, old stars etc, using the telescopes at this organization.

3. http://www.italcementigroup.com/ENG/Architecture/i.lab/

The Italcementi i.lab’s building is already famous because of the design. It is water efficient, sustainable, and first LEED Platinum accreditations. They look for ways to make the things more sustainable and renewable. They use advanced technology to make make buildings more eco friendly.

4. Interdisciplinary Science Building for Energy Research at Brookhaven Lab

This lab customizes labs for scientists. They can engineer and use powerful batteries to solve environmental problems. They have 60 standard laboratories and four specialty labs. Those specialty labs have a”dry room”, where humidity is controlled. The building was built with recycled wood.

5. South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

SAHMRI  reacts to the sun. It has nine research modules and can hold up to 700 researchers. Many researchers can come together to study ideas that may improve the health of people around the world.  They try to find cures and treatments for sicknesses such as heart disease, diabetes, depression, etc.

6. Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, at University of Glasgow

This is a biological research place that studies cancer. It is dedicated to understand cancer behavior more. They study invasion, metastasis, cancer metabolism, growth and survival. They have seminars and events.

7. New York Genome Center

This is a nonprofit research organization that focuses on biomedical research to help save lives. They research cures for diseases. They share, spread, and discover all their research to communities. They have smaller labs within this center such as the computational biology lab. They specialize in epigenomics, metagenomics, and many more.

8. Simula Research Laboratory

This is a nonprofit research organization and they research networks, software engineering, different systems. They try to find authentic value for society that is based on computing systems. It is a place of innovation activities.

9. Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

They support DOE projects and have a large building for engineering. There is even an electrical shop inside. They allow for teamwork and communication. They have almost 1400 researchers from all around the world conducting research. hey focus on nuclear physics and SRF science. They have a wide range of technology sectors.

10. The Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies, Sandia Labs

This facility is to research  nano science.  There are  three wings: a cleanroom wing, a synthesis wing, and a characterization wing. There are also parts that help enforce researchers to work and collaborate. They study material synthesis, characterization, nano-micro integration, and theory and simulation. They try to combine the micro world with the macro.


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