Feb 8 Classwork and Homework

Q3 pg 53 DDR

Question 3 on page 53 of DDR


A goal I have is to complete all my homework by Saturday so I can have a day off on Sunday. I will begin by using all the breaks in my school schedule to go to library or go home to finish homework that were given. After I get home from fencing practice, I will eat something light and go straight to do my homework. I will keep a tab of all the homework I have to do and then place a check mark on the ones I have done. I would also plan when to do what homework in a planner. This will help me organize my time because I know an estimate of how long each homework would take.

Research goals of the day are to go outside with a pen and paper. Look around at my environment and write down any curiosity I have. This will help me create a question for lab 3 and 4. Currently, I have no clue what I want to write for lab 3 and I want some ideas from my environment. These questions could spark or merge into something I am truly passionate about learning and finding out. I like animals but I can not test animals because I do not have access to many of them. I am curious about human behavior but that is too general, so I need to pinpoint which human behavior am I curious about. Going out and looking at people act and react will hopefully give me an idea. I plan on achieving this goal by spending an afternoon (about two hours) at a park or at a cafe. I will take notes of what I see and how people are behaving.


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