Feb 8 Classwork and Homework

Project 1 &3 pg 97 InSightOut


The first pretotype I thought of is making glasses with mini windshield wipers (like the ones they have on cars) that move with a push of a button. They are attachable and detachable. So when it is raining, the user can attach the windshield wipers to their glasses, this helps clear the glasses from the rain that stays on. Whenever it rains or snows and it collects on my glasses, it makes it very difficult to see the streets or where I am walking. The approach that I would use is the Facade. I would put ads on the website or start a kickstarter website to see if I have any backings. This will allow me to see if people think this is innovative and interested.

The second pretotype I thought of is a garbage can that is a robot. This robot will collect trash on the floor and when a person tries to shoot the garbage at the robot, it will catch the trash and put it inside itself. The approach that I would use on this is the Mechanical Turk. I would put a person dressed as a robot that collects trash with words “Test Your Aim” on the outfit. This will help me see if people enjoy this kind of service. It is supposed to make throwing garbage a bit more fun.

The third pretotype I thought of is an attachable camera on glasses. Wearing glasses makes many things inconvenient such as taking a picture with a DSLR camera. I want the attachable camera to be at least 12 megapixels. The approach that I would use is the Facade. I would start a kickstarter website to see if people like this idea and if there are people that support this idea. People also donate money to support ideas on the website. It is a great website to see if an idea will work or not.


On Youtube, I saw these pairs of people that stare into each other’s eyes for four minutes, without breaking eye contact. I tried this experiment with three friends. With the first friend, I look into his eyes and about 20 seconds and started laughing. I tried distracting him in any way possible by squinting my eyes or enlarging them. I broke eye contact a bit after two minutes. The second friend, I looked into her eyes for four minutes but the entire time I wanted to look away because she was staring intensively into my eyes. I forced myself to keep staring at her but I realized that I was looking at features on her face other than her eyes. I was not focusing on her eyes after a while. The third friend, I was able to stare into his eyes the entire four minutes. There were very minimal thoughts and my mind was blank. I did not think much so those four minutes were just a blank stare. He did not have any extreme expression either. We both just blankly stared at one another. I learned that I have a different relationship with each person and I am more comfortable with staring into certain people’s eyes. And that I, normally, do not maintain eye contact for longer than a straight minute. I would look away then look back. This motivates me to do more experiments in this area because I learned a bit about myself and the different friendships I have with different people.


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