Feb 8 Classwork and Homework

Pg 34-35 DDR


Some unforeseen consequences of research is harming the participants mentally longer than expected. The participants could also be physically hurt. These damages could affect them for the rest of their lives.

To avoid harm to the participants in research would be to collect data that would not require them to do much. Asking participants to fill out a survey would not harm them. Another method is to test the experiment out myself with others, to see if it would cause any harm before testing on participants.



Some fair incentives for participating in research is candy or food. Another incentive is playing with toys or a chance to win a prize. The researchers could give the participants a gift too.

Theoretically, I would let my own child participate in a research study because I understand that the researchers are not allowed to harm the child psychologically or physically. They respect the child’s freedom to choose if he or she wants to do it or not. If he or she does not like what is going on, they can stop the experiment right away. All identifiable information is kept confidential. My child also gets all the information before participating to see if he or she wants to do it or not.

If my child had disability, I would still let him or her participate in the research because the research will not harm the child. The child would not be affected after the research is conducted and he or she is contributing to science.

If I suspected that data fraud was being perpetrated on the project I was involved in, I would ask the other researchers if they know what was going on. Then I would find the person/group that is making up data and confront them. If they do not stop doing what they are doing, then I would try my best to stop the whole experiment. That is my last resort because other people like me have also worked hard on this project. I would not stop it if I was given a chance to change it or redo it.




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