Feb 8 Classwork and Homework

pg 36 InsightOut

I spent an hour at Hunter College’s library third floor, where the reference desk is located. I saw many people stay for about 20-40 minutes then leave. Another person will go to the seat that became empty. When all the computers were taken, there was a line of people waiting, going out towards the elevators. There were two people at the reference desk. There are about six  groups of tables together and about seven computers at each group. People left their bags on top of the tables and took out paper. Some people wrote at their desk, some people solely used their computers. The computers that I could see were on Word Document or Blackboard. Some people were using their cellphones and others watched videos. There are two printers behind me and two printers to the far right of the room. The ceiling has steel nets and vents going through them.

People walked to the printers to print and sometimes they stapled their papers together. There were scrolling mouse noise and typing noise. Some people listened to music or videos while they were on the computer. There was very little talking going on. Most of the people there were quiet and not talking.


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